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One Bourbon, One Chard, Or One Beer Podcast

Mar 26, 2021

This week, Kern celebrates and pays tribute to a couple of his favorite vocalists, a legendary author, and an inspiring actress known for her impeccable comedic timing.

He also chats about some great wines he's tasted recently!

Remember—One Bourbon, One Chard, or One Beer is a drinking game you can play along with at...

Mar 19, 2021

Kern is in the umpire's chair this week taking us on a musical journey as he and Stub welcome VERY SPECIAL GUEST Allan Karl, author of Forks: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connection.


This week's playlist includes:

7 Inches - Kate Vargas

Nine Yards - Paperboy

Sixty Feet Six Inches - Swilson

One Mile From Heaven -...

Mar 12, 2021

This week, Stub chats a music documentary on Netflix, a new Billboard record-breaker, pays tribute to an important figure in the music/media business, gives his thoughts on a new celebrity wine label, and preps you for a safe and happy St. Patrick's Day!

Remember—One Bourbon, One Chard, or One Beer is a drinking...

Mar 5, 2021

Stub is in the umpire's chair this week spinning a playlist called "Heavy Metal Hootenanny" as he and Kern welcome back rock star winemaker Adam LaZarre of LaZarre Wines!


This week's playlist includes:

Welcome To The Jungle - Hayseed Dixie

Highway To Hell - Hayseed Dixie

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - Hayseed Dixie