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One Bourbon, One Chard, Or One Beer Podcast

Nov 30, 2017

Kern is in the umpires’s chair this week spinning the third and final movement of his “26 Songs About 26 Women (And One Song About 44 Women), Vol. 3: S Through Z (Plus the 44 Women Song)” playlist as Stub takes on VERY SPECIAL GUEST, wine columnist and author Len Napolitano. Some of the questions answered on today’s episode include: 1) What was the name of Kern’s first new car? 2) Which of today’s participants DOESN’T name his motor vehicles? 3) Why does Stub LOVE Fall Out Boy? 4) Why does Kern HATE Staind? 5) Where does one find Hamm’s beer in 2017? This week's playlist: Sara Smile - Daryl Hall & John Oates Trudy - Charlie Daniels Uma Thurman - Fall Out Boy Veronica - Elvis Costello Wendy - The Beach Boys Xaviera - Yokozuna Yolanda - Jaime Y Los Chamacos Zoe Jane - Staind 88 Lines About 44 Women - The Nails Remember: One Bourbon, One Chard, or One Beer is a drinking game you can play along with at home. Full details and rules available at If you find yourself liking, singing along to, or playing along with One Bourbon, One Chard, or One Beer: please, Please PLEASE rate and review us on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, or wherever you found our podcast. We really appreciate it, as it helps other lushes just like you find our podcast and helps build our community. If you rate and review us and we ever meet you, we'll buy you one bourbon, one chard, or one beer (our choice). Also, please support the show by donating to our Patreon page: